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Stenocarpus is a genus of about 25 species of woody trees or shrubs, constituting part of the plant family Proteaceae. In Australia, 10 species are known growing naturally in rainforests of eastern New South Wales and Queensland and in the northern monsoonal forests of Queensland, Northern Territoryand Western Australia. The greatest species diversity occurs in New Caledoniawhere 12 endemic species are known.

exotic stenocarpus sinuatus firewheel tree @@ rare

By far the most well known in Australia is Stenocarpus sinuatusthe Queensland firewheel tree, which is commonly used as a street or garden tree on the east coast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Genus of plants of the family Proteaceae. Stenocarpus sinuatusFirewheel Tree - inflorescences, at Maranoa gardens, Melbourne, Retrieved 3 Jan In McCarthy, Patrick ed. Flora of Australia series. In Conn, Barry J. Handbooks of the Flora of Papua New Guinea.

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Digitised, online, freely available via www. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press. Retrieved 19 Dec Lay summary — Herbier: Florical Family: Proteaceae. Genus: Bellendena. Genus: Placospermum. Genus: Toronia. Genus: Garnieria. Genus: Acidonia. Genus: Persoonia. Genus: Agastachys. A odorata.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Quick description: The evergreen foliage is quite dense and attractive.

Add to Cart. Most are found in New Caledonia and there are about 7 species native to Australia. Stenocarpus sinuatus occurs in nature as a tree to about 30 metres but it is usually smaller in cultivation, about 10 meters tall, particularly in cooler areas. It is one of Australia's most spectacular trees. It makes an excellent container plant for indoor use.

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The Firewheel tree takes its name from the configuration and colour of the inflorescences in which the small flowers have a wheel-like arrangement. It blooms intermittently in Summer through to Autumn. The bright red flowers are each up to 4 inches long. The evergreen foliage is quite dense and attractive. Individual leaves are normally green and display a glossy upper surface with the under-surface a pale green.

Leaves on young trees may be " long and deeply lobed. On older trees leaves are smaller and less lobed or not lobed at all. Very little leaf drop. The bark is light brown and smooth. The fruit is a dark grey-brown follicle, cm long and more than 2cm wide. Despite its sub-tropical to tropical origin, Stenocarpus sinuatus is adaptable to a range of climates and will even succeed in dry climates if additional water is available.

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It prefers fairly rich, loamy soils but is tolerant of most well drained soils. It may be grown in a sunny or partly shaded location. Stenocarpus responds well to high rainfall, deep soils and high humidity.

Given these conditions the species tends to flower well.Tender Tree. Codes 2 stenocarpus plants in 10cm pots VP 1 stenocarpus plant in 10cm pot V Seeds and garden supplies will normally be delivered within the time period stated against each product as detailed above.

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Stenocarpus sinuatus (Fire Wheel Tree)

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Stenocarpus Sinuatus Seeds (FireWheel Tree Seeds)

Track My Order. Delivery Information View Product Description. Choose available pack sizes:. Whilst being a tender tree, it is still surprisingly adaptable to our growing conditions here in the UK. The bright red "firewheel" blooms and prehistoric looking foliage will certainly make it an interesting focal point and well worth the time spent on it! Height: cm 98". Spread: cm 39". Flowering Months.New Arrivals. Rare Plants. Flowering Trees. Fragrant Plants. Flowering Shrubs.

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exotic stenocarpus sinuatus firewheel tree @@ rare

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exotic stenocarpus sinuatus firewheel tree @@ rare

Spectacular flowers are bright red in umbels, in a circular formation, hence the name Firewheel Tree. The glossy, deeply lobed leaves, which may be quite variable among trees, make a beautiful backdrop to the fiery crimson flower clusters.

There may be a off-putting floral fragrance at night in the effort to attract the moth pollinators. Later, the flowers develop into narrow, leather, boat-shaped fruits that shed numerous winged seeds.

Although flowering time is in the warmth of summer and autumn, sporadic blooming may occur at other times of year. Despite its sub-tropical to tropical origin, Stenocarpus sinuatus is adaptable to a range of climates and will even succeed in dry climates if additional water is available.

Native: Australia. Rainforests of north-eastern New South Wales and eastern Queensland. Also occurs in Papua New Guinea. Height: 91 — cm 30 — 75 in in nature can grow up to 30 metres but it is usually smaller in cultivation. Propagation: From cuttings will take approx years to flowerfrom seeds will take approx 7 years to flower. Fertilizer: Avoid applying fertilizers rich in phosphorous or containing high amounts of nitrates. Tips: Mulch during dry weather and fertilize with slow release fertilizer in spring.

Protect from wind and frost when young. Older plants survive with foliage dieback. The Firewheel Tree is slow to recover from winter cold damage. Keep in mind that this is a slow growing tree. It is moderately drought tolerant but responds well to irrigation in the heat of summer. This species is also highly sensitive to herbicides.

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Feel free to ask anything about herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, bushes, mushrooms, and more.Stenocarpus sinuatusknown as the firewheel treeis an Australian rainforest tree in the Protea family.

However, Stenocarpus sinuatus is widely planted as an ornamental tree in other parts of Australia and in different parts of the world. The bark is greyish brown, not smooth and irregular. The base of the cylindrical trunk is flanged. Leaves alternate and variable in shape, simple or pinnatifidthe leaf margins wavy. Leaf venation is clearly seen above and below the leaf. Leaves are characteristic and easily identified as part of the Protea family.

The ornamental flowers are bright red in umbelsin a circular formation, hence the name Firewheel Tree.

RARE STENOCARPUS SINUATUS firewheel tree @@ exotic flowering trees seed 5 SEEDS

Flowers form mostly between February to March. Fruit matures from January to July. The flower as Wheel Flower is the subject of some of Margaret Preston 's most popular prints. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Firewheel tree. Loudon Endl. Family: Proteaceae. Genus: Bellendena. Genus: Placospermum. Genus: Toronia. Genus: Garnieria. Genus: Acidonia. Genus: Persoonia.

Genus: Agastachys. A odorata. Genus: Symphionema. Genus: Eidothea.

Stenocarpus sinuatus Firewheel Tree

Genus: Beauprea. Genus: Beaupreopsis. Genus: Dilobeia.


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Exotic stenocarpus sinuatus firewheel tree @@ rare
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